Larisa Renar
Founder and creative director of the "Academy of Private Life", an international training center for women. She is the author of eight bestsellers for women: "The Circle of female power", "How to make your husband a millionaire", etc. Their total circulation exceeds half a million copies. She is a Candidate of Psychological Sciences, a coach in female trainings. Over 18 years she has conducted over 1,340 classes all over the world. Larisa Renar is a TV host at "Channel 1", "CTC", "Domashnii", "Pyatnitsa" and "STB". Larisa Renar's interviews are being printed by the largest European media, including the "Times" magazine based in London.
Larisa Renar reveals the Secret of the «Funnel» practice
I breathe out and raise my hands up, connecting with the energy of the universe, the energy of the Divine, the energy of Femininity. I breathe in, accepting this energy with love and gratitude I take, putting my hands to my chest in a prayerful gesture. Holding my breath and lowering my palms down, I send this energy down the abdomen, into the center of the female power, to the very beginning of life and development on this planet. I breathe out, as if coming forward to this world, giving my energy to the glory of life, and starting to spin. I feel there is a spiral starts unwinding in me and I am becoming the center of a huge funnel, and the entire world rotates around me. The long forgotten childish jubilation of the joy of life overwhelms me, and I thank the world for being able to live and create. After a few spins, I put my hands back on the bottom of my belly, closing the space and retaining my strength. I thank the Universe and space.
I started twisting the funnels in 2000, when I finally realized their power.

Back in 2002, in the middle of Tenerife black hot sands, I held my first on-site training on female practices. We were lying on the beach, and I was telling the girls about funnels, drawing energy levels on black sand... And right there on the beach we started to twist them under the admiring exclamations of the Spaniards, who started to show an increased interest to us. "If only my husband, to whom I've been married for 13 years by then, looked at me with the same hungry look" - I dreamed.

From this moment, the "funnel" became an integral part of our morning practices. And then one day we were sweltering from the heat when suddenly my phone rang. It was my husband calling, who was snowboarding at that time somewhere in the Greenland snows.

What are you doing? - He asked.

I'm dying of the heat ... - I answered, imagining the white creaking snow.

— Would you like glass of cold champagne?

— Of course, I won't!

— Then I'm waiting for you in the bridal suite!

I could not believe my ears. The girls looked at me with delight and amazement when I suddenly rushed to dress up.

— Where are you going?

— To drink champagne with my husband! - I answered with laughter - he flew from Greenland and booked a room in our hotel.

It is the funnels! - decided the girls. And I entirely agree with them.

When a woman is filled up, the world begins to rotate around her!

When a woman is filled up, the world begins to rotate around her!
"In these moments I bless the world for being a woman"
The "Funnel" practice takes only 2 to 3 minutes. It allows me to reconnect with myself, with my inner center and with the great energy of life. I need this time to return to the flow of creativity and creation. In these sacred moments I can tune in for the day, fill with energy and inspiration.

Later my daily activities, concerns and problems will take a hold of me - calls, meetings, conferences and projects sometimes leave no time for tea, let alone creativity. However, I noticed that if I do the funnel practice in the morning, everything starts to unfold easily and joyfully, as if the flow of creativity triggers in me, and all that I need to do is to surrender and enjoy the process. The work turns into a favorite hobby, full of unexpected discoveries, surprises, new ideas and innovative solutions, laughter and joy.
In these moments, I bless the world for being a woman, for being able to write my books in this energy flow and run my business like a woman, launching the projects, creating and releasing training sessions.
Larisa Renar
I believe that every modern woman should engage in female practices to return to the female fluid state, a state of harmony, peace and at the same time, creativity and lightness. We all live in a world that is built according to male laws and governed by men. For this reason sometimes we are forced to turn into male energy and as a man. However, if we do not return to ourselves, do not to unite with the female energy - then at some point we begin to feel emptiness, anger, irritation and weariness...

Where did Larisa Renar learn about the «Funnel» practice?
Many years ago, in 2000, the technique of "Funnel" practice was handed to me by my mentor - the bearer of ancient knowledge, a shaman from Siberia. When I asked her how she got it, the knowledge keeper answered with modesty: from the information field.

But I still wondered: where are the roots of this practice, where did it come from, how does it connect women from all over the world, why is it found in entirely different cultures? I gathered the information bit by bit, each time making sure that the practice of rotation is present in almost all the philosophical and religious traditions from the East to the Asia. Every nation has its own explanation of the practice.

Information traces lead to the cult of the Great Goddess, which was popular in the Neolithic age almost throughout the entire Eastern Hemisphere. However, I do not have any concrete historical evidence, just the scraps of information, myths and legends.

"The Neolithic era is the era of matriarchy, the time of worship of the Great Goddess. At this age women were at the source of progress, they weaved, they were engaged in agriculture and pottery. This history period was little known until comparatively recently archaeologists conducted excavations revealing the unity between various centers of the Neolithic communities. Some of them appeared in the seventh millennium BC.

Figures and sculptures of the goddess, almost identical, were found in Europe and in the Indus Valley. At this stage in the evolution of consciousness, tribal gods did not exist. There was only the Great Goddess, whom everyone worshiped." (Source: Gvenal Verez. "Divine mother and Spirituality. Confiscated Truth. The Discovered path")

These images of the Mother Goddess are frozen in postures resembling the motion of funnels.
It is important to understand that the knowledge about funnels has spread in the information space of the entire world: the Sufi circulations, the ritual dances of Australian aborigines, the Slavic dances, Siberian shaman traditions, Tibetan health systems... The thought proves the sacred significance of practice.

Even our children, who have not lost their connection with the Source, use the power of funnels to this very day. Did you notice how much they love to spin around? Perhaps we should learn from them.
Spinning practices around the World
Roundelays, shaman dances in the South America, Sufi circulations, dervish dance in Turkey, Georgian dances… The list could be continued. The similarity of all energy practices (all these rituals are nothing more than energy practices in its modern sense) is obvious - it is spinning in various forms.
Sufi circulations
The most famous Sufi circulations are the dances of dervishes, when the followers of the most mystical Islamic direction Sufism whirl during the ritual.

As the legends tell us, Jalaleddin Rumi, the founder of the Sufi Order of Melvan, walked along the market of the city of Konya, when he suddenly stopped and realized that everything in the world was spinning around and then he started to spin around his own axis. According to the legend, he spun 38 hours in a row! When he stopped, he said the famous phrase: "The pole is the one who revolves around himself. Heaven's spheres revolve around him."

Later, he completed this ritual, and his son wrote down all the subtleties and sequence of movements. This is how the Order of "revolving dervishes" was born.

For the Sufis, this ritual is filled with a profound meaning. It symbolizes the rotation of the planets in the infinite cosmos and the human souls around God. For them it is the mystical flight of spiritual consciousness through mind and love of excellence, cognition of the world and themselves through spinning. According to the Sufis, spinning allows to synchronize with the eternal rotation of the stars, the solar system and the planet and enter a special state of consciousness, to dissolve into eternity and plunge into the flow of creative power.
Ritual dances of Australian aborigines
Circulations can be found in many of the traditional religious practices that we are familiar with, therefore, it is even more curious that some Australian aborigines also do the circulations.

Peter Kelder in the book "The Ancient Secret of the Spring of Youth" says "In his best-seller "The Message of a Mutant" Marlo Morgan describes an amazing fact: Australian aborigines also consider rotation as a way to stimulate the flow of vital energy. In a few months that Morgan spent among a small group of Aboriginal people, she learned that there are seven key energy centers, and that with the help of rotation you can increase the energy level in each of them. She also used the word vortex to describe those centers. "

Look carefully at those vortices. It reminiscent of seven rotation levels from the "Funnel" practice.
Circling in the Tibetan gymnastics «5 pearls»
Spinning around the axis is part of the well-known body and energy practice named "Eye of the Renaissance", also called "Five Tibetans", or "Five Tibetan Pearls". Peter Calder described this practice in his book "The Eye of the Renaissance. The ancient secret of the source of youth." He says that he learned about this powerful healing technique from Tibetan monks.

The complex consists of five exercises, first of which is spinning around the axis. Here is how Calder describes this practice:
"The most important thing that I learned after joining the monastery," says the colonel, "is that there are seven energy centers in the body that in English can be called vortices. Hindus call them chakras. These are powerful electric fields, invisible to the eye, but nonetheless undeniably real. These seven vortices control seven endocrine glands of internal secretion, which in turn, regulate all bodily functions, including the aging process...

In a healthy body each of the vortices rotates at high speed, allowing the vital energy, also called the "prana", or the etheric energy, to flow upwards through the endocrine system. However, if one or more vortices slow down - the flow of vital energy drops or blocks, which leads to aging and various diseases.

The quickest way to regain youth, health and vitality is to make these energy centers rotate normally again. To do this, you need to practice five simple exercises..."

Taoist whirling
Followers of the religious and philosophical currents of Taoism also practice some sort of whirling. It is called the "Whirling of the heavenly venerables". Heavenly venerables are the Tao (the essence of things) and the De (mode of being). The whirling resembles a familiar round dance, only the Taoists move from the East to the West with smoking sticks strictly clockwise.

Monks accompany collective whirling with the sounds of specific musical instruments: drum (Zhongguo), percussion (yu qing dan) and copper plates (cha).
Slavic whirling
Roundalays familiar to us from childhood is nothing but a sacral rotation. The direction of the round dance clockwise was called "posolon" and symbolized the real world - "yav", and against the sentry – "protivisolon", the other world - "nav".

Furthermore, Slavic roundelays have seven sacred figures: pillars, reins, wattle, circle, side to side, on four sides, dancing. Each figure has a special meaning. For example, the "rein" symbolizes chaos and destruction, the origin of a new life; the "circle" represents god, the universe, the immortal soul, it is the symbol of creation and perfection
When dancing in circles the inner space of a person settles down, everything around is pacifies and harmonizes, subconsciously building a harmonious and creative model in the inner world of a person, bringing generous fruit of interaction in society and in male-female relations. (Source)
That's interesting: energy vortexes in the Earth's core
The Earth's core is the power that forms continents, volcanoes and starts earthquakes, it is the pivot around which revolves the entire planet. Everything that exists on Earth owes its life to the core. It is curious that inside the core the energy vortices of molten metal rotate at a temperature of 4 thousand degrees Celsius with speed of sound.

These rotating columns-funnels transform the core of the Earth into a sort of electromagnet. It is so huge that the force field it is creating goes beyond the core, penetrates through the Earth's mantle and crust and escapes into space.

This force field protects the Earth from the red-hot sun. Without these funnels, the surface of the Earth would be a lifeless desert. It turns out that the core and the vortices rotating in it provide life on our planet. This was the conclusion reached by scientists which helped to do a documentary for the National Geographic channel (

Can we use this information to describe the "funnel" practice? It's a rhetorical question. But in any case, you should remember this fact when you decide to practice this powerful physical and energy process

What is the key secret of spinning?
Circulations disable critical mind and expand the picture of the world. It helps to escape from the so-called filters of reality, habitual patterns of consciousness and perspectives on the world. At the physical level, we start to perceive the world from different points of view, changing the common pattern of experience of oneself and reality, not only in a metaphorical sense, but also at the level of real actions. Even our body stops being frozen and fixed in a single state.
While spinning, we surrender ourselves to the world flow, tuning ourselves to the magnetic lines of the Earth. Our body relaxes and releases from the usual clamps, making us more relaxed, flexible and creative.

In terms of energy, spinning helps to synchronize our body rotation with the energy rotation in the energy centers. Thereby, it helps to increase our energy level.

By the way, the word "chakra" is translated from Sanskrit as "disk" or "wheel" - once again reminding of spinning.

The number of rotations helps us to rise a certain level of energy, which determines the level of influence on the world and the ability of each person to attract well-being and fulfil his or her dreams. The more energy a woman has, the higher is her magnetism. A woman full of energy is able to attract large flows of money, interesting opportunities, powerful and influential men, to have a higher impact on the world.

Even if you do not believe in energy and the ability to use the energy of the universe given to you, in any case, according to Peter Kedler (author of the "Ancient Secrets of Youth"), rotation has a positive effect on the state of human body.
"Spinning improves blood circulation, which provides a curative effect in varicose veins; it also strengthens your arms and can help you if you suffer from osteochondrosis in this area; it increases the speed of energy rotation in all chakras, especially those located on the top of the head, in the forehead, chest and knees. Stimulating the renewal of cells, it has a positive effect on the spinal cord, which contributes to the clarity of thoughts and helps to prevent headaches".
Special rotation benefit for women
Originally, a woman is an expression of creative energy of the universe, since the structure of her energy is similar to a spiral. For comparison, male energy structure is straight and linear, while female energy structure is enveloping and twisting. Therefore, it is more natural for a woman to do the "funnel" practice to develop and strengthen this energy quality.

Female energy can be represented in the form of a sphere. This energy has a number of functions: encirclement, enhancement and internal "cultivation" of situation. We accept, strengthen and grow what we accept. An important characteristic of the female energy is acceptance, which helps us make changes in our lives. We accept and transform what we accept. This could be information, life events, conditions, circumstances... A woman has a unique feature of transforming the outside negative energy into positive through love.
The «funnel» practice
and its purpose
Our universe rotates, all the planets rotate, all the atoms rotate... Rotation is the mystical knowledge of the universe, that exists in many religious traditions of the world. Rotation is the secret of female fullness and transformation.

Through spinning we create our own magnetic field of attraction, attracting what is needed in our lives. And the more spins we make, the wider our funnel opens and the more powerful it becomes. And again, this is consistent with the laws of nature. Anyone who has ever heard of a water funnel knows that it can swallow both a human and a huge ship. The same is true for the air funnel - a tornado.

If we try to explain the effect of practice in terms of physical laws, it is nothing extraordinary there. In fact, it is nothing more than the so-called induction process - when spinning we twist the invisible energy strands onto an induction coil, creating a magnetic field. And accordingly, the more invisible revolutions we have - the greater is our force of attraction and the more powerful own magnetic field grows.

Seven levels of the «Funnel» practice
Seven notes, seven colors of rainbow, seven layers in a folk costume of a Slavic woman, seven Aboriginal energy centers, seven chakras ... Seven. Rather complicated and sacred number. It is also present in the "funnel" practice - seven energy levels that a woman develops and retains.
3 spinning circles
An ordinary woman whose energy is only enough for everyday life.
7 spinning circles
A woman who is ready to engage in self-development and succeed in her work, to create and develop her unique original projects. However, at this level, a woman is only responsible for herself and for her personal success.
17 spinning circles
A women is interested in her own business or management of large groups, at least within her city. They are willing to invest their energy in creativity not only in self-development and personal success, but also in their employees'.
34 spinning circles
Such women already can influence the country, they tend to become prominent personalities, real stars in their business.
72 spinning circles
Such women are able to initiate significant changes on the global level, as a rule, their names are known throughout the word.
108 spinning circles
Women who change this world, leave a mark on history.
118 spinning circles
Spiritual teachers of mankind, revealing new ways of spiritual development.
A woman needs to accumulate enough energy to move to the next level. Like a rocket, a woman needs to reach a certain energy level to go beyond the limits of the gravitational pull of the Earth. Upon reaching the desired orbit, we can remain there as long as we want.

Each of us her own most comfortable and desirable level. However, if we feel that we want to move further, we start to gain energy and spin the funnels once again. Likewise, the time necessary for everyone depends on many factors: the initial level of energy, discipline, the desire to develop further even the first results from our efforts.
By the way, notice that there are seven power circles of the funnel and seven chakras. The higher the chakra, the higher the energy level: muladhara, svadhisthana, manipur, anahata, vishudha, ajna, sahasrara. Charles Leadbeater in his book "Chakras" says: "... Chakras are funnel-shaped whirlpools, vortices of energy in each of the subtle human bodies (etheric, astral, mental, etc.)" (Source).
Special features of the «Funnel» practice
The "Funnel" practice needs to be done regularly. Ideally, each level should be practiced for 28 days after moving to the next one... If you force the events and start making 72 turns at once, this may cause negative effects: dizziness, nausea or spinal injuries, since your spine may not be ready for such powerful flows and overloads. It is the spine that is the core around which we wind our energy "threads".
Remember: the more developed a person is in terms of energy centers that permeate the spine, the easier it is for him or her to practice.
And at the same time, your energy level is no less important when it comes to those "threads". As we have said before, in a woman her energy is concentrated in the lower abdomen. There are different ways to fill up with energy and one of the simplest and most basic ways is the to do "Funnel" practice.

I recommend you start twisting the funnels from 7 revolutions, since at this level we deal with all our During the brake you will need to deal with your childhood traumas, to look at the situation with the genus insults and fears, because in this period of life our emotions provide a foundation for development. If you skip this level - you may lose energy at the next levels.

You will need to spend one lunar month (28 days) on the first level. Once you finish this level - analyze the results. There can be two situations here.

Situation 1: you have already noticed first results since you started practicing. Do not make any changes. Continue spinning to the end of the lunar month. Next lunar month (without a break), you may start twisting a greater number of revolutions.

Situation 2: you haven't noticed any changes. In this case, you need to take a break and forget about the practice for one lunar month. During the brake you will need to deal with your childhood traumas, reconsider your connection with the family. After a brake and self-analysis twist the previous number of revolutions during one lunar month.

The maximum number of times you can twist the same level is 3.
Spinning technique
At the beginning of practice, we raise our hands upwards, connecting with the energy of the universe - to be more precise, with a certain type of energy, with a certain frequency. Tune yourself as if you were tuning a receiver. And then, on inhale, we direct this energy down the stomach - where the energy is stored. Thence we raise our hands up and down, as if reaching for invisible threads of energy, and begin to spin.

If you are officially married, start with a funnel to hold. This is the bottom funnel, spin it to the left, counter-clockwise. It helps us to retain all that we attract into our lives, to keep the boundaries of our space and family. Then comes the funnel to attract. This is the upper funnel, spin it to the right, clockwise. At this point we attract new opportunities into our life: interesting events, money, health, men.

If you are not married yet - act on the contrary. Start with attraction, finish with retention.

It is very difficult to describe the technology of spinning with words. It is better to see once how Larisa Renard does it herself, if you want to do practice propwrly and environmentally. Remember that the process of spinning deals with energy. To avoid mistakes, begin under the guidance of an experienced master who owns true knowledge.

Woman is the center of the world
and everything rotates around her
For the first time Larissa Renard described the "Funnel" practice of in 2006 in her book "The circle of female power".
When a woman is filled with the energy of pleasure and joy, she creates a field around herself that attracts both men and new opportunities. Pleasure makes her life joyful and easy, and so does the life of everyone around her. Everything happens as she wants: the right people come, the issues are solved, the discoveries are made. Deep inside, each of us knows that while she remains in the state of pleasure, everything happens without a hitch, but once she loses it, everything starts to fall apart. Then joyful and bright world turns into chaos in a moment. One day a woman realizes that she is devastated. And the more she strives to regain strength, fussing around, the less energy she has.

If you want to fill your life with excitement again - just stop. Remember how to do female practices, lie down, do nothing, walk along the streets, watch melodramas, read novels. Finally finish the scarf, the picture and just enjoy peace.

And in a few days, as if by magic, everything starts settling down. One day a woman opens her eyes and notices that spring has come, the smells are so tempting, the shop windows are so attractive and men turn their heads after her. It means that the energy has returned. Once again you feel like there is nothing impossible, that you are the center of the world. You keep your space with energy - your house, your beloved, your children, and your business.

(Larisa Renar, "The Circle of Female Power")

Girls share their stories

I first read about funnels in the book by Larissa Renard, but somehow did not notice their importance... But after the training in Turkey I had a revelation. That's when I started to practice. The result was and is still incredible. My husband's income has immediately increased, and everything at home just settled down... I felt a huge burst of energy... I finally realized that everything is in my own hands … I often do the "funnel" practice when I need to find some an answer to some sort of question, and I always get my answers: in a magazine article, from the people surrounding me, etc. It always works!

A friend of mine told me about the funnels about five years ago, in fact, she was the one who gave me Larissa's books and brought me to the Academy) I learned how to twist them after the training in Turkey, my present limit is 17 - I feel very dizzy, It's quite challenging for me. However, the flow of energy is tremendous! Once I was very frightened for my daughter, she fell ill, and for some strange reason doctors could not make a diagnosis. I came home and twisted 17 spins at once, I felt very sick. For an hour I could not come to my senses, but in the morning my daughter was perfectly fine, with no any signs of illness or disease! Just like that.
On June 30, 2014 I twisted my first funnel 7 twists. Since that day my life was a whirlwind! I feel a surge of energy and I finally realize its meaning! From the first day of the "funnel" practice I noticed changes in the attitude of men towards me. A huge amount of attention, compliments and small gifts. Taxi drivers gave me a free ride! Women began to tell me compliments, I felt an immense desire to live, everyone at work started to help me solve different problems. Men started to ask me on a date, and at some point, I even felt like the queen of the universe! I twisted funnels for 6 months with a month-brake. When I moved to the 17th level, I was given a car - a cool, sports car!!! Then one almost unfamiliar man insisted that he would redecorate my apartment and he did! My income has increased significantly! I have a lot of fans, admirers and patrons. To be honest, I didn't have a lot of them were before. I got an opportunity to choose! I now have choice in everything! I think all this is the result of Academy trainings, and, of course, the funnels. I believe in them ! There can be no doubts!

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